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Day 1
Fly to Peru.

Day 2 Hola Lima
Arrive in Lima.

Lima Guided Sightseeing Tour -- Experience the vibrant culture and breathtaking architecture of this capital city overlooking the Pacific Ocean. See the vast neo-colonial Governmental Palace, the towering Cathedral of Lima with its 14 side doors and main “door of forgiveness”, go past the upscale San Isidro district and visit the San Francisco Convent

Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology visit -- Get a thorough grounding in Peru's history and culture in this fascinating museum. Exhibits trace the country from prehistoric times through the present with collections of weapons, carvings, textiles, Inca jewelry, and ancient mummies and funeral objects. Check out the interactive model of Macchu Picchu, which explains the various sectors of the mysterious city.

Day 3 Lima -- Cuzco
Fly to Cuzco

Cuzco Guided Sightseeing Tour -- Colorful Cuzco was an important Inca center, and sites surrounding the town testify to the power of the empire. Begin your tour at Tambo Machay, the ritual baths probably used by nobility. Underground water bubbles up over the intricately carved stone platforms, creating a shower as it tumbles over the edge. The impressive stone at Qenko had a slightly less cleansing purpose -- each year, priests would pour llama blood over the top and watch its progress through the complicated zigzag pattern to determine the luck for the coming planting season. Puca Pucara was likely a hunting lodge or vacation home for the emperor; from its high position, you can gaze out at the glaciers in the south.

Day 4 Sacred Valley
Travel to Pisac via Ollantaytambo & Urubamba Valley -- Built to resemble an ear of maize, Ollantaytambo is one of the few remaining examples of Inca urban grid architecture. Get an overhead view from the fortress, still impressive all these centuries later. Continue on through the lush Urubamba Valley before reaching Pisac, which hosts a renowned crafts market three days a week. Ollantaytambo Fortress -- Travel to this old town surrounded by the stunning snowcapped Andes Mountains to see the best surviving example of Incan town planning. The fortress itself is encased in impressive terrace walls that served the Incas well against the Spanish Conquistadors.

Day 5 Cuzco -- Machu Picchu
Explore Machu Picchu -- Get the best view of the most impressive site in South America as you arrive at Intipunko, or the "Sun Gate," overlooking Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is a stunning complex of buildings clinging to the surrounding mountains and above the Urubamba River. Much of the extensive city is still intact, showcasing the agility and skill of Inca stone work. (Legend claims that the Inca knew of leaves that would dissolve rock, allowing them to meld stones together when building; birds in the surrounding jungle have been known to melt nesting holes in the mountains themselves, supporting the theory, but the leaves have not been identified.) Archaeologists disagree about the purpose of Machu Picchu -- many believe it was a country retreat, others think it may have been a university.

Hike to Intipunko -- Climb the steep stairs up to Intipunku, or “The Gate of the Sun”, for a gorgeous aerial view of Machu Picchu below.

Day 6 Machu Picchu -- Cuzco
Machu Picchu free time

Transfer back to Cuzco

Day 7 Cuzco
Rafting excursion down the Urubamba River -- Raft through the Sacred Valley, which winds through major Inca sites and beautiful scenery. Ancient fortresses loom on cliffs high above, while the river makes its slow way into the jungle.

Day 8 End Tour
Fly Back to Lima

Fly home -- In most cases, your flight home is overnight. You will return home on Day 9.

Day 9
Return Home

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travel dates
July 30 - August 7, 2011
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