with field trips to all over the world throughout the year, we can help you with your
architecture addiction

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"There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them."" -- Charles D. Gill
Who are we?
We are a small group of architecture students who eat, drink, and sleep architecture - you might say we have a serious architecture addiction.

When we look around studio, we see a lot of other architecture addicts. We know architecture addicts who ache to visit all of the places our History of Architecture professor talks about in class. We know addicts who want to do a special project - or take a special class - that they just can't find at their schools. We know some who just need a little help coming up with a topic for a term paper.

We know addicts who want the most competitive portfolio to get them into their first choice graduate programs, and the fat fellowship that goes along with it. We know addicts who want to know what those people on graduate admissions boards really want from them. We know addicts who don't have the first idea where they want to apply.

You know who you are.
Are you an architecture addict too?
We figured, nationwide, there were probably a lot of other architecture addicts out there - that's why we created this community.

We wanted a place where students like us could get together and find everything we needed to get our fix, get us ready for grad school, prepare us for our careers, or, you know, just have a good time.

By the way, in case you're wondering, it doesn't matter if you're an architecture student, an education student, a student of life, a student from the School of Hard Knocks. We're not picky. We love everyone.
What is this place?
Great question. We're still developing. Our biggest and first interest is putting together a TON of exciting (and CHEAP) international field trips for any able-bodied interested (and interesing) person out there who hungers to touch the columns of Rome, the bricks of Egypt, the marble of India. (You know who you are.)

So that's what we do. We do a lot of research to organize and price out ALL-INCLUSIVE field trips. We offer field trips that might last a week or less so you can easily squeeze one in over Spring Break or this year's vacation time. We also offer much longer field trips -- like three or four weeks -- in case you happen to have a summer free or you're finally retired and have some time to live it up.

Our field trips are scheduled all throughout the year, with departures from pretty much every major city in North America. Basically, we want to offer something for everybody who suffers from the most wonderful of afflictions...architecture addiction.
What can I do here?
We've got a lot planned for this community. Most of its a secret. You know how we addicts are. But as soon as they're ready, we'll let you know. Stick close to the Architecture Addiction Blog to see the latest!

Special news if you really are an architecture student, or are thinking of becoming one, or know someone who is:

As you've no doubt heard, getting into architecture school is very competitive. If you want to get in to your top choice school -- with a fat financial aid package -- you have to have an edge. And not just any edge. The edgiest edge.

Architecture Addiction is that edge. We are the liaison between you, the passionate, talented, brilliant student and the sometimes overwhelming, sometimes mysterious, future. We create the opportunities you need to stand out from the crowd. We get you where you need to be so that you can do what you gotta do.

Like we said above, stick close to the Blog so that we can let you know what we've got for you.

We're so excited we can barely stand it!
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