with field trips to all over the world throughout the year, we can help you with your
architecture addiction

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"Life is a banquet, and most poor fools are starving to death." -- Auntie Mame
what is this?
You know who you are.
You have a burning itch that keeps you up at night.
Maybe you just saw this special on Discovery Channel.
Or maybe you just got back from another incredible History of Architecture lecture.
Or maybe you're reading a big glossy book on your favorite far-away never-been-to-place.


Stop pretending like you're okay.
You have a serious condition that, left untreated, will lead to a crippling disease. That disease is called regret. Millions of people suffer regret needlessly.
Don't be a statistic.

You, my friend, suffer from architecture addiction.
No, it's not going to get better on its own.
You have to do something about it.
That's right. You have to take action.
We're here to help. We're architecture students. We, better than anyone else, understand your obsession.
Help us help you.
Keep reading.
possible side effects

This may just be the most exciting adventure of your life!

Symptoms may include:
  • ■ An exhilarated sensation lasting an entire week, maybe two -- maybe for the rest of your life
  • ■ A notebook full of incredible sketches
  • ■ Heightened sensory awareness of your surroundings
  • ■ A powerful story for your grad school application
  • ■ A vastly expanded view of the world
  • ■ The best pictures you've ever taken in your life
  • ■ An overwhelming feeling that you are living life to the fullest
  • ■ New, interesting friends from all across North America
  • ■ An suspicion that you may just be the luckiest person on earth
field trips
Keep an eye on our Schedule of Field Trips. We're developing a schedule of 59 field trips. We'll add all the details as soon as we've got the the pricing figured out.
what's included

(No, we're kidding. What we meant was, everything that's not on the Not Included list.)

(Yes, airfare is included. No kidding.)
what's not included
■ Customary gratuities for your tour director, local guide and driver
■ Porterage
■ Beverages and lunches
■ Public transportation to free time activities
All-Inclusive Insurance
■ Government taxes and fees
pace meter
Travel pace levels are based on length of tour, number of cities visited, number of included activities, length of flights/land transfers.

Each field trip's description specifies one of the following paces:

Leisurely: Primarily cruises and city stays, these field trips include minimal transfers and offer flexible, relaxed itineraries.

Comfortable: These field trips have limited transfers, free days in the itineraries, and most sightseeing conducted by private motorcoach.

Active: These field trips offer a more full and active schedule with visits to a number of different cities and some some walking.

Challenging: Designed for the active traveler, these field trips either include multiple transfers or extensive walking.

100% travel protection
We recommend that all travelers purchase travel protection to cover them while traveling. Although you can purchase Medical, Baggage & Property, and Cancellation & Interruption Protection separately, we recommend our TravelSafe Plus Plan which includes all three of the above packages at a substantial discount. If you purchase the TravelSafe Plus Plan within two weeks of making your reservation, you will also receive our Anytime Protection Plan.
there is hope
You can continue to suffer.
Or you can do something about it.

Get help now. Before it's too late.
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